Elesia Hosts Live Demo of Ghost Robotics’ Vision 60

Live Demo Showcases Veco Robotics and Persistent Systems Technology

Rome, February 14, 2024 – Elesia recently hosted a live demonstration of Ghost Robotics’ Vision 60 product, distributed by Veco Robotics. This event highlighted the remarkable adaptability of the V60 to various environments, proving to be an innovative solution for multiple applications.

The Vision 60 was equipped with Persistent Systems, LLC’s Radio MPU5, enabling the creation of a MANET network. This technology allows remote operation of the robot from a portable station or via the CONA2 console, providing flexible and advanced control.

The collaboration between Ghost Robotics, Veco Robotics, and Persistent Systems, LLC promises to deliver cutting-edge solutions that will enhance efficiency on the battlefield and in operations where early situational awareness is crucial. This partnership aims to offer innovative tools to optimize performance in complex operational environments, emphasizing the importance of advanced technology in modern military and operational strategy.

The event generated significant interest in the robotics and military technology sector, showcasing the revolutionary potential of the Vision 60 and complementary technologies provided by Veco Robotics and Persistent Systems.

The V60 demonstrated exceptional versatility in tackling environmental and operational challenges, offering an adaptable and reliable solution for a wide range of scenarios. The ability to create a MANET network with the Radio MPU5 enables advanced remote control and efficient communication, ensuring optimal operability in dynamic and evolving environments.

The synergy among the involved companies promises to bring innovation and significant improvements in military and tactical operations, underscoring the importance of collaboration and integration of cutting-edge technologies to address future challenges. The success of the live demo of the Vision 60 at Elesia represents a step forward in research and development of advanced solutions for modern operational needs, reaffirming the commitment of the companies involved to provide cutting-edge tools to enhance efficiency and safety on the battlefield.

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